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Initial Sheep Offering

The FreakySheep are a collection of 4,000 NFTs that will be access tokens to the FreakySheep Universe and allow you to breed your own sheep. Every sheep is uniquely generated for you during the minting. The FreakySheep are currently on sale, so be quick and mint your sheep before the offer is gone!

FreakySheep NFT example

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0.03 ETH
How does it work?

1 Connect your Ethereum Wallet (MetaMask or WalletConnect).

2 Select the amount of sheep you want to mint and confirm.

3 Wait until your sheep got minted.

Join the FreakySheep Universe!

Why Buy A FreakySheep?

Your FreakySheep NFT is your access token to the FreakySheep Universe. By owning a FreakySheep NFT, you are eligible to participate in all activities available in the FreakySheep Universe, like breeding your own FreakySheep lambs and earning money by selling the sheep you bred.

We’ve got a lot planned for the future, here’s an overview:


FreakySheep Judging Contest

Starting: After 1,333 sales

After the first 1.333 NFTs have been minted, we start developing the FreakySheep Judging Contest: Your sheep will be judged by jurors and you’ll get a detailed report of the ancestry and breeding quality of your sheep.

Registering your FreakySheep NFT for the judging contest will give you the chance to be among the lucky ones winning „Best in Show“, „Best Newcomer“ or „Best in Breed“, which will make your NFT even more valuable.

The higher your score, the more valuable the offspring of your FreakySheep will be. Your breeding score is especially important as soon as the FreakySheep Breeding starts.

❤️ FreakySheep Breeding ❤️

Starting: TBA

Following the Judging Contest, you’ll be able to breed your own FreakySheep NFTs. As in real live, the higher your FreakySheep scored in the judging contest, the more money you’ll earn when breeding and selling your FreakySheep NFTs.

🥳️ FreakySheep Meadow 🥳

Starting: TBA

A special gem we’re not revealing yet. Think party, think virtual property, you name it :). Stay tuned, there’s a lot of fun waiting for you!

Join the FreakySheep NFT community now and get a head start as future FreakySheep Farmer!

Mint Your Sheep
The Collection

FreakySheep NFT Collection

The FreakySheep are a collection unique collectible sheep with proof of ownership stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Every sheep is a uniquely generated character and no two are exactly alike. Each FreakySheep NFT can be owned by a single person or dao on the Ethereum blockchain.

In the FreakySheep NFT collection, there are only 4,000 sheep available !

The sheep can be minted for a fixed price, already minted sheep can be purchased from the current owner via an NFT marketplace that's also embedded in the ETH blockchain, like e.g. OpenSea. Via these markets, you can buy, bid on and offer sheep NFTs for sale.

By purchasing a FreakySheep NFT, you become a member of the FreakySheep Universe and are granted exclusive discounts for future collections. On top, you benefit from early access rights and valuable airdrops for all future FreakySheep projects. See the marketplace instructions below to join the herd and acquire your very own FreakySheep!

What is a FreakySheep NFT?

FreakySheep NFT example

FreakySheep NFT

The FreakySheep NFT are 960 x 960 pixel collectible art images, generated algorithmically. They are made up of over a hundred exciting traits of face expressions, hair, hats, fur colours and backgrounds.

Every sheep is unique and exists only once in the given combination. The FreakySheep are generated by a piece of code that we wrote. This algorithm takes the individual sheep parts that were drawn by hand by our talented comic artist and puts them together to create a unique, one-of-a-time computer generated artwork. Like in real life, you don't know what you get before your lamb is born minted. Thus, minting a sheep is a fun and exciting surprise! By purchasing one of the FreakySheep NFTs, you become a certified sheep owner and can keep your sheep as investment or trade it on NFT marketplaces.

The Celebrity Sheep:

Most FreakySheep are funny looking sheep with special hair styles and accessories, but there are a few rare celebrities mixed in: Einstein, Ozzy Osbourne, Bob Marley and many more. Sometimes, you're lucky and receive a celebrity right at the start. However, the more sheep you mint, the higher the chances that one of the minted sheep is a valuable celebrity NFT.

All minted sheep are added to the FreakySheep Collection on OpenSea:

Minting Instructions

How do I get a FreakySheep NFT?

The initial minting of the FreakySheep NFT project is exclusively available on this website. To buy a sheep, simply follow the instructions below:

1 Currency Exchange

To buy a FreakySheep NFT, you need ETH, the digital currency that fuels transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. You will need ETH to “mint” an NFT, purchase a FreakySheep NFT and for gas fees to complete your transactions. Gas fees can simply be explained as transaction fees that are charged to pay miners on the Etherum blockchain protocol to have your transaction included in the blockchain. You can get ETH from a digital currency exchange like Coinbase.

2 Crypto Wallet

After you purchased ETH, you need a crypto wallet like MetaMask. Your crypto wallet stores your ETH and processes transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. After you created your wallet, a unique wallet address will be generated and you can use this address to complete your transactions.

You can download and install a Chrome browser plugin for MetaMask. This will allow websites that you authorised access to your wallet. The MetaMaks plugin has a button that will even allow you to buy Ether directly from Coinbase.

Already have a wallet?

We currently support MetaMask, Formatic and WalletConnect. Feel free to use your preferred browser plugin to connect with the FreakySheep website and mint a FreakySheep.

3 Mint a FreakySheep

Now you’re all set up to mint a FreakySheep. Go to the top of this page, select the amount of sheep you’d like to purchase and hit „Connect Wallet“.

After you connected your wallet with our website, click on „Mint Sheep“ and confirm the transaction in your wallet. The minting starts as soon as your transaction was completed. Depending on the traffic on the blockchain, it might take some time until your sheep get minted.

after the minting was completed, your new furry friend will be displayed and added to your wallet. Congratulations, you’ve officially become a FreakySheep Shepherd. Welcome to the herd!


Why does the minting take so long?

The minting time depends on the current traffic on the Ethereum blockchain. For that reason, it might take some time until your sheep get minted. If you don't want to wait, you can close the website and check back later on OpenSea. After connecting your wallet, you'll see your minted NFT.

Where do I find my FreakySheep NFT after the minting?

After the minting, your sheep NFT is added to your wallet. To view the sheep, go to (or another ETH NFT marketplace of your choice) and connect your wallet. Your sheep will be displayed in your account.

Why is my NFT not visible on OpenSea?

After minting your FreakySheep NFT, it might take some minutes until the NFT is visible on OpenSea. Refresh your OpenSea account page from time to time. The NFT should show up within a maximum of 10 to 15 minutes.

In some cases, the data of your NFT is shown, but not the visual. To fix this issue, klick on the Refresh Metadata Button on the top right corner of NFT details page on OpenSea.

Something went wrong?

In the rare case that something goes wrong during your transaction, please feel free to contact us at . We’ll happily resolve the issue and get back to you within the next 24 hours.

About us

The Sheep Breeder

Hi, we’re Wooly Warhol & Eleanor Fluffby, the creators of the FreakySheep NFT Project. We’re creative web enthusiasts that have worked on web projects for more than a decade. Our portfolio includes high performance e-commerce applications, order processing tools for internationally renown companies and software design and development for tools that are used all over the world. In fact, depending on the type of phone you use or fragrant you are currently wearing, our software might have been involved in the production process of this good :).

FreakySheep is our creative NFT project that started in late october and has gained traction during the following months. Today, we’re happy to welcome new shepherds every day. If you’re interested to learn more about the FreakySheep NFTs, follow us on Instagram, Twitter or have a look at our Discord chat!


Public Docs

FreakySheep NFT contract:

The FreakySheep Collection on


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FreakySheep NFT example